Sunday, August 16, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

Richard has a small repertoire in the kitchen but this is a good one to have as you can serve it to your loved one in bed. (I must say though that he is the grill master.)

Egg in a Hole
One slice of good bread (we had Acme sweet loaf)
1 fresh egg (Soul Food Farm is my choice 
but try to find something other than the grocery store variety - they are at least 2 weeks old when they arrive at the store!)

Take a biscuit cutter (or just a regular glass) and cut a hole in your toast, melt some butter in the pan and then dip both sides of the bread in. Leave it on one side and crack an 
egg into the hole s&p and let that cook until brown on the underside and the egg is not totally cooked. Then dip the round piece into the egg and put it down in the pan and flip the big piece over - let it cook to your desired doneness. I like it a little runny so you can dip the round into it. 

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