Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wow, another year gone by...

Thanksgiving is here - can it really be another year in the books?? So first off - we are SO grateful to the First Responders and Firefighters who so valiantly saved our little town - just wow.

We were evacuated a few days before our scheduled trip to Seattle and in spite of the stress and worry, we ended up having a wonderful little getaway. 

And this year we are so excited to have Sarah here to share our holiday!

And of course I'm so thankful for my loving husband - this is at least our 30th Thanksgiving together - but hey who's counting? Hope you all have a lovely holiday filled with friends you love and good food.


  1. You look terrific as always, and it’s good to know you’re doing so well. I was watching a YouTube video about making fried salmon cakes and remembered that your mom’s recipe was so delicious. Do you by any chance have her recipe or Daisy’s recipe to make salmon patties? your Aunt Dolly in Alaska

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