Friday, September 25, 2009

Breakfast Hash- endless possibilities

This is an basic breakfast hash that can be varied depending upon what is in your fridge. Stephen (Shenderson) and I first made this on his parent's house boat on Lake Powell one summer (if you have the chance to go there - take it! I loved it - float/swim in the water all day, drink, eat, sleep under a multitude of stars - what could be better?) Anyway we had so many different kinds of meat that we had packed and needed to use some at breakfast so we devised this hash and used up our smoked chicken apple sausage (Aidell's) Today I had Range Brother's Smoked Maple Ham from Prather. NOTE: ok, officially can't blog and cook at the same time - just went in and the hash has a definite socarrat (spanish for crispy slightly burned part)! gotta run...
Alright, I'm back and full of that tasty hash! So here you go; serve with eggs, scrambled, poached, fried - whatever you like! Ok - Joy, no egg for you. 

Breakfast Hash serve 2 or as much as you want to make

1/2 onion chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
about 3/4 lb. red potatoes cut into cubes (4 medium)
pat of butter and swirl of olive oil
meat of your choice (chicken apple sausage, pork apple sausage, chopped ham, leftover corned beef)

Just put all except the meat into a heated pan and saute until the potatoes are cooked turning occasionally. Then add the meat and saute until browned. See how easy?

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