Sunday, September 27, 2009

When in season...

Someday when I have my own vegetable garden in the country I'll have so many zucchini (peppers, apples, pumpkins etc.) that I will spend days making all sorts of stuff out of them. For now when something is in season and a farmer offers a good deal - I take it. I mean it's on sale - think of all the money I'm saving!! That's how I ended up with 20 pounds of sweet peppers on friday. Mariquita Farms was offering them for sale at Piccino (great thin crust pizza in dogpatch) and when I said yes, I'll take 20 lbs. I really had no idea how much that was. It was a lot needless to say, so yesterday Richard roasted and I peeled a bunch and today I'm making that pepper onion chutney again and maybe some soup later... Pimento cheese all week!

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