Friday, October 30, 2009

Cocktail Time - It's past 5pm here!

This is so delicious - I finally tried my Rhubarb Vodka, the problem is I can't remember where the recipe is as I made this over the summer and it's been "brewing" down in my pantry in the garage since then! I've looked in the most likely suspects, will keep my eyes open - I guess that's one problem of having too many cookbooks! I started writing this kind of thing down, but haven't been keeping up since I started the blog - guess I need to do both. It's basically inexpensive vodka (I think the cheapest I could stand to do was Skye) and some sugar and a few pounds of rhubarb cut up and then you let it sit for a couple months. Anyway, will keep looking but had to post this as I am enjoying it! Can you see the slight pink tint? Did a martini with a twist.

Yeah! I found it! It's from Nigella Lawson

Vodka Infused with Rhubarb

about 2 pounds rhubarb cut in to pieces
3/4 cup sugar
1 liter vodka
1 large 2 liter jar - I found a really large mason jar with a plastic screw lid

Mix all together in the large jar and tightly close the lid. Put it someplace cool and dark for 2 months, during the first month shake the jar every few days. Strain off the lovely pink vodka into the empty vodka bottle.

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