Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not to beleaguer the point but...

Leftover rice - not that exciting and I'm sure you aren't throwing much $ away if you just toss it, but I really love homemade fried rice for breakfast - and you can't really do it without leftover rice. It's just like eggs and bacon but instead of hashbrowns you use rice. So for breakfast the next day, here you go - no real measurements as it's just what you have and how many you are serving. I beat a couple eggs and then in a nonstick fry pan I just pour them in to make a flat like omelet, when done roll up and cut into ribbons. In the same pan add some vegetable oil, couple tablespoons and the rice and kind of fry for a couple minutes. Then add some sort of pork product; diced ham or cooked bacon then the egg ribbons and a couple splashes of soy sauce and toss until all mixed together and warm. Sprinkle with chopped green onions. Great hangover cure!

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