Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Putting the best ingredients together is half the battle

I made us these Rueben Sandwiches and they were the best I ever had - even if I do say so myself! (Rich agreed!) No real recipe, just getting all the right ingredients was the real trick. Thursday I picked up the new Pastrami from Prather Ranch Meat Co down at the ferry building and I had planned on making them on friday but when I got home I realized we were out of swiss and the bakery in Glen Park was out of Rye, so Rich suggested we just use cheddar and whole wheat. I said, let's just wait, and I'll get the needed stuff on saturday. So I got a baby rye loaf from Della Fattoria and some swiss from the farmer's market on saturday. I already had at home some sauerkraut that another person makes at the thursday farmer's market, so I was now all set. I thinly sliced the rye, buttered one side and spread the other side with a mix of mayo and heinz chili sauce, then put on slices of pastrami, a piece of swiss cheese and a bunch of sauerkraut. Then I grilled it in a pan. With my homemade dill pickle on the side, it was a perfect lunch!

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