Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Pasta Dinner

Tonight I made a vodka tomato sauce for pasta and was about to post the recipe when I stopped and thought to myself - Hey, haven't I made that for the blog before? Well, yes I have - as I just did a search for pasta and voila - there was the recipe. I think that is going to occur more often as even though I really do try new things all the time, I do have my favorites that I go back to again and again. Anyway, this is a reminder to look back in the blog for things to cook as I'm sure if I can forget what I've posted then so can everyone else! Don't expect too many posts from me this weekend as Sunday is my next Market Supper at Socha - so I'll be super busy cooking for all you lucky people who are coming! Thanks for listening - or I guess I should say reading, but I hope that a lot of people can hear my voice in this, at least that's the way I write...

Post note: Richard just went upstairs and saw the bottle of vodka out and said - going straight for the hard stuff? Well, it is after 5... ; )

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