Friday, March 19, 2010

The rarity of a good meal out

I know it sounds terrible, but because I cook so much for us we are completely spoiled. Which means that when we finally do go out to eat I expect a lot - and we're usually disappointed. The good news is we weren't today! It's our 21st anniversary tomorrow and today we went to Brix in Napa. A dear friend is the chef extraordinaire there and I asked her to order for us. Now, if you know me, you know how picky I am; she is one of the few chefs that I will pretty much eat anything she makes - as it's all delicious. Today was perfect in every way; from the setting to the weather to the food. We started with lightly tempura fried green beans and clams with a smokey paprika butter. Next was a little espresso cup of mushroom and sunchoke soup. Then we had an apple carpaccio with cheese, nuts and cocoa nibs and our entree was Arctic Char with roasted cippolinis and fresh from their garden chard. Oh, I almost forgot the roasted beets! All amazingly fresh and fantastic flavors in every bite. The only picture I took of food was of dessert - a brownie with malted ice cream, chocolate caramel sauce and this little piece of heaven that was like a thin honeycomb. Now this was a memorable meal - thanks so much Anne!!

And how cute is my loving husband of 21 years!!!

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