Monday, March 8, 2010

What's for breakfast? Look in the big book...

About 24 years ago I spent a depressed summer living in Abilene. This recipe book tells the tale. I sat around and went through all my mom's old Gourmet, Sunset, Southern Living and any other cooking magazine I could put my hands on. Any recipe I liked I cut it out and then organized and glued onto pages with plastic sheets covering them. This is the book. Now, while there are tons of recipes I would never consider doing (what was I thinking with that whole section on making my own cheese!) there are quite a few that have become favorites - will have to remember to go through and post a few. Anyway, this is one of the "originals" it's really easy, just tricky to get it cooked just right. I use a toaster oven.

Baked Egg Cups serves 2

4 slices good white bread
couple tablespoons butter, soft
2 eggs
1 tablespoon grated parmesan

Spray 2 medium sized ramekins with oil. Cut the crusts off the bread and using a biscuit cutter cut a circle in 2 slices that will fit the bottom of the ramekin. Take the other 2 slices and cut them in half into triangles. Butter one side of all the bread pieces. Place the butter side up with the circle in the bottom and then the triangles around the edges with points up. Then bake at 350 degrees for about 5 min, or until lightly toasted. Remove and carefully break one egg into each ramekin and sprinkle each with some parmesan and pepper. Bake again for about 10 min. The real trick is to get the whites cooked while the yolk is still runny - which is nearly impossible. Just shoot for getting the white cooked and the yolk still tender.

I still tear recipes out of magazines that I think I might like to try, but now I keep the whole page and have a filing cabinet that holds them in folders - luckily I don't have the time to cut and paste them!

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