Friday, April 2, 2010

Memories that you can smell and taste

Growing up in Phoenix, this was a year around treat for me. Citrus is totally in season here and at the market one of the vendors is fresh squeezing juices. Orange, tangerine, blood orange and grapefruit, so I've been having Salty Dogs (grapefruit, vodka with a dash of salt) and a couple nights ago I made this - an Orange Slush. Remember Orange Julius? Or Creamsicles? Just the smell of this gave me flash backs to sweaty rides on the school bus followed by a refreshing after-school snack of this creamy sweet and tart treat! Pour some fresh OJ in a glass, spoon in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My mom always served it in this one tupperware cup. Rich of course suggested I top it with vodka.... hummmm maybe not for the kids, but not a bad idea for us grownups!

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