Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Orleans' style brunch

The week before I said to Richard "I've got a theme for Easter brunch" he said "What - isn't Easter enough of a theme?" Obviously not - I love a theme and this is the menu we went with. I decided to make it easy so I asked people to bring something and I tried to do as much as I could the day before. I wanted to make some kind of egg dish so I sauteed onions and peppers with some chopped andouille sausage. Then I beat a bunch of eggs and added the sausage onion mixture. I heated up a nonstick pan and poured a thin layer and when it was almost done, folded it over a couple times and served topped with chives. The next thing I wanted to make was some sort of starch, so I ended up choosing grits. These Cheesy Shrimp on Grits Toast and Grits Toast with Creamy Mushrooms were the perfect pick - thanks Paula! The great thing about these was that I was able to make them ahead of time and then just top with the 2 toppings and pop in the oven. They were a big hit -hot, cheesy and crispy. The mushroom version gets a little too greasy with all that mayo, so next time I might try the cream cheese with this one instead - and of course I sauteed fresh mushrooms as canned mushrooms were the reason I hated mushrooms for so long! As for the shrimp ones I pretty much followed her recipe, just used parmesan instead of "italian cheese blend" and I've also done this recipe with crabmeat - yum! For all the rabbits out there my vegetable was a Carrot Salad. My dear neighbor friends brought the rest - Ruth - buttermilk biscuits (half of them were sweet potato!) with some sliced ham that I warmed over with my pepper jelly and mustard. Eliza brought roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce - so New Orleans! John made an amazing Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream. For beverages we had mimosas, bloody mary's and of course my favorite - Milk Punch - thanks to Jack's tasty bourbon! Now that's what I call a New Orleans' style Easter Brunch! But don't wait until next year to try it!


  1. The first time I did this recipe I used the quick cooking grits - and this time since I have such a ton of the stone ground (thanks to Kenny shipping them to us for xmas) I decided to use them. After cooking for a couple hours and then baking them - they tasted pretty much the same. So for this recipe, I would say just use the quick ones, as you can't really tell the difference.