Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poaching - I'm not completely sold on this

I just love this series of cookbooks from Canal House - it's like they did my cookbook before I could. A lot of homestyle and simply prepared meals. I just bought the newest Winter/Spring and tried the Poached Filet Mignon with spring vegetables. Frankly, I'm just not sold on the whole poaching concept. I thought the lovely homemade beef broth (a chore that I only do on rare occasions such as this - I don't use canned beef broth - god only knows what's in it, I just usually use chicken broth instead) with baby carrots, little fingerling potatoes, the tips of asparagus and fresh green peas floating in it sounded like something that could cure my cold - yes I still feel like shit! I bought a nice round filet mignon from Prather this weekend (along with some bones for stock that I cooked on sunday) and tonight when I showed it to Richard he was a little bummed that I was going to poach it. I said, let's just try it. I have to say, the broth was amazing and so were all the tender veggies, but the beef - just ok. I made sure not to overcook it - I just had the broth barely simmering and it cooked for about 7 min, so it was very tender and tasted like just pure beef. But we missed the charcoaly, peppery, seared crust. When I cook paella, my pride and joy is the socrrate - that dark brown crispy almost burned part in the bottom of the pan. I think poaching is just not my cup of tea and next time I'll just make it without the $20 filet. Sorry, no pix - my camera was out of batteries, and I didn't want to eat this cold!

Post Note: I have to confess, since I've been feeling under the weather, I'm having trouble eating large pieces of flesh - not just beef. I really hate to even speak this out loud, let alone write it down but I've really been seeing the animal in every bite - maybe I'm still processing the whole slaughter almost a year later. Of course now I'm planning on going to Soul Food Farm to see their chicken farm... I really hate the thought of being a vegetarian... I don't like the limitations. I'm hoping this is just a side effect of being sick and no food really sounding or tasting good. Maybe I should postpone the farm visit just to be on the safe side...

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