Friday, April 23, 2010

Swan's Oyster Depot - best crab louie!

This place is a San Francisco institution. We decided to go for lunch today, as I haven't been all year. When crab season starts here in late November I can't wait to go to Swan's. That's when the crab is the sweetest - or at least the San Franciscan in me thinks so. But today it was wonderful too - Rich started with the clam chowder with little crispy oyster crackers and a mini beer. I had a heaping plate of Crab Louie, tons of large pieces of dungeness crab piled on top of shredded head lettuce. I order mine with the louie dressing on the side and their special order dijon dressing that they make right there in front of you to drizzle over the top. Nothing else is on the plate to spoil the crab! Rich got the combo platter which along with crab has a few large prawns and some bay shrimp. You've got to get there early (we were there at 11:15) as the line can get longer than the marble counter where you perch on rickety stools to eat the best crab louie you'll ever have. The only downside is that the See's Candy store that used to be next door is now closed. No little piece of chocolate after...


  1. The story about oysters being an aphrodisiac is not true. The last time I ate a dozen, only 4 worked. (a RQRJr) original.

  2. LOVE that place wish I had been there. yum yum