Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taco Tuesday

A few years ago my friend Jen and I started a Taco Tuesday night. We would go to each others house every tuesday and make tacos - Lindsey too! Everybody gets busy, and this little tradition fell by the wayside, but I'm reviving it tonight for the two of us as I love a homemade taco. In my prior post I gave a recipe for Beef Tacos without using the packaged taco mix. So here's my confession: I used a mix tonight. I did get Richard to get an "organic" version and my excuse is I've been sick so not really feeling up to cooking. Anyway, my point is, I'm not some perfect kitchen goddess who never uses prepared foods, or canned stuff - I just try really hard not to - but I don't beat myself up if every now and then I buy a frozen pizza - and neither should you. If you have the time, try my homemade mix. If you don't, try to find an organic, msg free mix; and every now and then - go out for a taco. I also got Rich to help me make my Mexican Rice. Tomorrow all this will be reincarnated in a burrito! Oh, in addition to the water and the mix, I add some tomato sauce to the beef. Lastly - tacos are the one time I break down during the non-tomato months and buy some cherry tomatoes - I know they're not in season, but I just need fresh tomatoes with my taco. See I'm really not perfect!


  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog darling!!! Wooohooooo, my little family had Taco Tuesday tonight as well, and just saw this and had to tell you, once again we are on the same dinner wavelength!! And I used packaged taco mix, feeling quite lazy after 9 1/2 hours with 11 2 year olds!! Tomorrow we will be having cheesy beefy quesadilla's!! Love you and get better!!

  2. We're like long lost twins who have the same craving! Thanks for sharing - love to you! R