Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Italian in another life

Or, maybe actually this one - as my mom was pregnant with me while traveling in Italy. I just love it there! Been back 3 times since then! I was watching one of my favorite movies "Moonstruck" last night and I want to be in that family - as screwed up as it is. I love the idea of the whole family living together, I'm sure in practice it's not as pretty. They made egg in a hole with roasted peppers on top - yum! You can tell it was filmed in the 80's: Nick cage has hair and hasn't had his teeth fixed yet and it's before Cher's surgery (ies).

One of my favorite parts is when Cher say's "Snap out of it." and when he responds "I'm in love with you." she slaps him twice.

I'm going to have to make some spaghetti or something tonight, and someday I hope to live in Italy. Until then, I'll have my Italian food to keep my dream alive... Buona notte!

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