Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Iced Tea Rant!

How can one person get so worked up over iced tea you ask? I'll tell you why - some local restaurants here think it's reasonable to charge $3 to $3.50 for a glass of iced tea! I'm not naming names but doesn't it seem weird that I can order a fish taco for $4.50 and at the same place an iced tea is $3.50? Seriously - how much can a bag of Lipton and some boiling water cost? 30 cents?! I went out to eat with my mom and her old cronies in Texas and they all ordered water with lots of lemon. They then preceded to open sugar packages and make their own lemonade. I'm not going that far (yet) but I see ordering only tap water in my future! Maybe I can start bringing my own Tejava - it's only $1.19 for a large jar. I'm going to look like a serious booze hound sneaking sips of tea out of my flask...
And I thought it was crazy when in Memphis they automatically served me sweet tea - that looking pretty "sweet" at $1.25!

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