Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breakfast out is not usually this good

Like I said, I haven't really been cooking since our move (hopefully we'll be in our new house next weekend - but I've got to unpack first!). As you know, I usually make breakfast a lot because it's one of Richard's and my favorite meals. The amazing thing is I've found 2 great places for breakfast here in Healdsburg. The first is the Downtown Bakery. They only serve breakfast friday-monday but if you are around it's worth it. Our favorite is the cheesy-herb scrambled eggs - I love a soft scrambled egg - and usually at a restaurant they tend to end up like rubber eggs if you ask me. We've also had the breakfast pizza, and polenta with poached eggs - all delicious! Of course the pastries there are pretty amazing too - they make their own english muffins even!
My second breakfast place is called Bovolo and it's right on the square too - inside a bookstore! I have to say that put me off at first as I wasn't too thrilled smelling food while browsing for books, but now I go there for the food and might glance at a book on the way out. The first thing to say about Bovolo is that they make their own bacon - and boy is it good. The best way I've had it so far is their Pasta Carbonara - made with tiny bow tie pasta and chunks of bacon - they even serve this for breakfast - and why not - it's eggs and bacon right?! This picture is from there - after we enjoyed our breakfast bruscetta - toast with scrambled eggs, proscuitto and topped with arugula. Sorry I was busy wolfing it down and forgot to take a picture - but the little bites that are left are actually pickled grapes - nice twist!

Post Note: Went to Bovolo again yesterday and took a pic! We had this baked egg with potatoes, mushrooms and of course their chunky bacon - it was yummy! Although next time I'll have them hold the truffle oil as it was a little overwhelming.

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