Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who am I to say what makes strange bedfellows?

I drive by this couple everyday - I think it's a donkey (jackass? mule?) and an ostrich (emu?). They are always right by each other's side. Here's to all the odd couples out there - as we're celebrating our 22 anniversary today - I'll let you guess who is who!

Just kidding, my husband is a love! Only occasionally does he fall into the donkey category - but hey, who doesn't?

Post Note: Just saw a coyote walking by on the little mountain behind our yard! I'm living in the country baby! That makes 4 deer, a bunch of jackrabbits and TONs of frogs!

Post Post Note: I forgot to mention the cute sheep couple on the hill on Healdsburg Ave on the way to our house - Next year I'm planting a pear tree and I better see some damn partridge!

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  1. In our area, many farmers keep a donkey in a field as they will attack coyotes that will kill a calf. They might be using it to protect the emu. The emu has a big kick. I saw one on TV knock a man out with one kick.