Friday, April 15, 2011

Fried, Fried and FRIED!

Oh the joys of Texas - where chicken fried steak is on every menu (kind of like a beet salad out here!) and the hottest new item is fried dill pickles. I went with my friends Pam and Philip to see their amazing new house built out of stone and on the way back we stopped in Cross Plains and ate at The Staghorn Cafe. We started with fried dill pickles - they were wonderful - not too salty and they stayed crispy - quite a feat! Served with ranch dressing of course. I ordered the chicken fried steak sandwich with fried okra - the okra was just ok (not really in season yet) but oh the sandwich! It was incredibly tender; almost like they had chicken fried a hamburger. With a soft bun, iceberg lettuce, tomato slices and mayo - perfection! I'm SO not getting my cholesterol checked anytime soon.

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  1. glad we could help you out with that fried craving. Ya'll come back now hear.