Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beans and Scallops - what a combo!

I found my last bag of Gigante beans from late last fall in my freezer and remembered my Beans with Pancetta. Then at the farmer's market there were these lovely fresh scallops. I thought they would make the perfect topping. Scallops are super easy to cook - the trick is to not overcook them. In a cast-iron skillet I put a little olive oil and heated it on our new weber side burner (no splattering my new stove!) When super hot I thoroughly dried the scallops and sprinkled on a little s&p and popped them in the pan. Just a couple min on 1 side and then turned over and let brown another couple mins. Then I removed from the heat put in a pat of butter and squeezed in juice from 1/2 meyer lemon. Lay them on top of the beans and drizzled with some pan sauce. Green salad on the side - and you are set!!

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