Friday, June 17, 2011

Bringing back the memories

This was one of my favorite lunches that my mom used to make for me as a child. She used to cook a turkey breast every couple months so it was always around. We called it Turkey Mush - but for the sake of making sound a little better let's call it Turkey Salad. It's as simple as grinding the cooked turkey breast (must use fresh cooked turkey - not deli meat) in a food processor and adding mayonnaise until it comes together - and it takes a lot more than you would think. Don't grind it so long that it actually turns to mush - you want a little texture - but not huge chunks. That's it. My favorite way to eat it is open faced on toast with dijon mustard spread on the bread. I'm pretty picky about what goes in the processor - my grandmother used to make it and it would have hard bits in it - needless to say I use only breast and sort through it so nothing gross ends up in it. We just found this place in Santa Rosa called Willie Bird Restaurant and they serve hot turkey sandwiches and you can get the fresh roasted and thick sliced turkey to go - that's where I got the turkey for the tettrazini the other day!

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