Saturday, September 17, 2011

I do love the Southern food!

On our way to Charleston we stopped in this little town called Greensboro in Georgia and found this place called The Yesterday Cafe. All I can say is - Best Fried Green Tomato of the trip! Served with a horseradish sauce, they were crispy and delicious! Next came our refreshing chicken salad plate with grapes and walnuts - perfect for me without any onions or celery. Lastly - an amazing buttermilk pie - wow - what a meal!!! If anyone notices how curly my hair is - it's because it is so fucking humid in the south! It feels like you are swimming in it -don't even pack a flat iron - it's worthless against this.

Post Note: One southern tradition I do not follow - Sweet tea. Every place gives you the choice of sweet or un-sweet tea - and if you say you want regular tea - well that's the sweet kind!

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