Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little bit of Tuscany

The other day for lunch I was going to run out and get a pizza from the Simi Winery - they do a lovely wood oven roasted one on Friday and Saturdays and it's right down the street. Then I thought - why go out for pizza - I've got all I need right here for a perfect bruschetta. I had just bought this fresh loaf of olive bread so I sliced that and toasted and while hot rubbed a cut garlic clove across the bread. Then I made 2 toppings: on one slice I spread some soft chevre and then topped with some quickly sauteed mushrooms, for the other slice I chopped some of MY tomatoes and tossed with fresh basil, olive oil and s&p. I happened to have a little prosciutto and olives so I placed them on the side and presto - lunch is served!

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