Thursday, March 1, 2012

The new American Eatery!

Sorry this is a little blurry, but I could barely stand to put it down to take the picture! Prather opened their new take out restaurant called American Eatery in the Ferry Building in December and it's awesome! It's the perfect place - all of their really great meats that are humanely and sustainably raised are cooked up for you. Of course the burger and fries - cooked in beef tallow - are above par. My other favorite is the smoked beef sandwich - thinly sliced smoky beef served warm with cheese, grilled onions and horseradish sauce - kind of a west coast take on a Philly cheese steak, but better. Finally my current favorite - the fried pork chop sandwich pictured here. Get this- a crispy fried tender pork chop served on a soft Acme torpedo roll with a topping of sundried tomato and olive tapenade and a little chopped lettuce. I love when something is just right - no need for me to special order - and let me tell you that is rare! With a side of baked beans - lovely big white beans in a not too sweet sauce with lots of bacon - perfection! My only beef is that the amazing meatloaf sandwich is served cold (I'm told this is traditional) but I bet if you ask - they will warm it up for you. My mouth is watering right now - luckily I still go down there every week and get my fix! Next week, if I can stand to forgo my pork chop, I'm going to try the stroganoff - it sounds amazing!!

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