Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy GIANT's Halloween!!!

Aren't these just the cutest thing!? Made them this weekend and took to my mom and her gals at the assisted living home. Is that bad to bring pudding graves with headstones to an old folks home? - they had a good time with it - almost pushing up daisies!

Graveyard Pot de Creme with Gravestone Cookies

It was really easy - except for the cookies - I ended up having to form them by hand as the dough was very sticky. Still look pretty damn cute.

Post Note: I have to brag just a little as we went to a friends' house for a chili and cornbread contest on Halloween. I won 2 prizes for my cornbread and 1 for my Pork Ghoulash out of 6 prizes total! Not to mention that a couple of the other contestants are amazing local chefs... just bragging a little : ) too bad there wasn't a dessert contest - I would have swept! Hahaha

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