Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NYE Special Meal for Two

New Year's Eve - I just don't get it. It's never been a night that I love - I take that back - I just don't love going out on NYE. My idea of a special night is staying home and having a fancy dinner for two - or maybe four - anything but the forced celebratory overpriced drinking and eating fest that most people equate with this holiday. So, last night curled up by the fire in our pj's we had champagne and Lobster Pasta. I had made some fresh pasta a couple weeks ago with my dear friend Caroline and froze them in papparadelle pieces - next time I think a thiner pasta would be better. Also I used a couple oven dried tomatoes of my own instead of a fresh tomato - added a nice richness - as if the lobster wasn't enough! And this was easy! We even made it to midnight - well, I confess we did fall asleep on the couch earlier in the evening...

Anyway - here's to a new year - 2013 - may you be healthy, happy and eat well.

Post note: Yes, of course I'm making black eyed peas today - you can't refuse a little good luck!

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