Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All good things must come to an end

Really?! - what a stupid saying! I must admit that this vacation sadly had to come to an end. But we have such a wonderful life - I feel lucky to have "good things" all the time - mostly good friends and good food - and here's to it never coming to an end!

This was on our second to last day - we went as a group (only because the surf was small) to see the Petroglyphs about a 20 min (actually 45 min!) drive away.
The gang 

Just one of the many petroglyphs



  1. Hello..

    My name is Paul and I work for Cardon Resort, I'm the graphic designer and I also publish some of the posts on facebook along with jeff..

    Can we post a link to your articles that have to do with Cardon?

  2. Happy to share! I sent an email to Jeff and Omar since I don't have your email. Thanks and let me know when you get it posted.