Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue Ribbon Baby!

Ok, my original title was "Blue Ribbon–Bitches!" but thought that might be a bit much - but holy shit I actually won!! Yes, my adoring husband talked me into entering some of my canned goods at the Sonoma County Fair this year and I won first prize for my Ketchup! That my pickles got a fifth place ribbon was a total shock - as I thought those were the shoe-in but alas I had no idea what they grade on and now I know they were not "full" enough - so next year - watch out pickle people! (bitches). 

We celebrated one dinner this week with the prize winning ketchup - one of our favorite meals hash browns, bacon, my scrambled eggs, walnut toast (with my blackberry-cherry basil jam!) and the now infamous ketchup. Breakfast - it's what's for dinner!!

Post note: I forgot to mention my prize money - $8 yes - Eight Dollars. But I did it for the glory right??
Next years is in the can!


  1. Please post your ketchup recipe,I know your husband Richard

  2. Dave - just look a little harder... it is on the blog... - just making you work for it!