Monday, August 5, 2013

Healdsburg's new Shed

The Shed is a great new hang out in Healdsburg. I get a wonderful cappuccino at least a couple times a week from there - along with THE most incredible scone I've ever had - and that is saying something! The flavor I like best is Cherry Almond - it's crunchy on the outside and thick and moist on the inside - sorry no picture as I don't let it sit on my plate long enough to take one! They also have a nice breakfast menu - this was Saturday's special poached eggs with prosciutto and roasted Italian peppers on pan de tomate - oh yes. This special changes and I've never had a bad version. I've also been buying freshly baked walnut bread there - and the shopping! If you ever need to get me a gift this is the place ; )

Currant Pecan Scone
Post Note - 10/10/13 Finally stopped eating a scone long enough to take a picture today! First time I've tried the whole wheat currant one - and it was great! Didn't even mind the currants - at least no raisins
 ; )

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