Friday, December 6, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like X-mas!

Walnut Fudge and S'mores Fudge
Can I tell you how much I love this time of year?! And how lovely my house smells with all the cookies baking? This year we did our big baking day at Jen's house - New Oven - WOOHOO! and we didn't burn a thing ; )
Dirty Snowballs and Pistachio Spice cooling

S'mores Fudge

Bags of Snowballs
Of course I had to go on another adventure with my "fucking fudge" I actually did 3 batches of it this year and then the 4th and 5th batch I just gave in and used the marshmallow creme. My first batch turned out beautifully - it's the one in the picture with the marshmallows showing - but it was grainy. Yuck. Then I tried a 2nd and 3rd batch paying VERY careful attention to not letting it crystalize on the sides of the pot and then beating it and it wasn't grainy - it was perfect - like a chewy caramely chocolate - but the damn marshmallows didn't stick. We fixed that - melted a little chocolate and painted the top of the fudge and then stuck them in! HA! Anyway - it is a better tasting texture and all - but to keep it easy (not to mention why they call it "no fail fudge") I recommend just doing the recipe on the creme stuff. Unless you are feeling adventuresome (read crazy) like me!

Don't you wish you were on my X-mas list? Ho ho ho...

Post Note: just read my blog post about last years fudge - I said I would never do it again - I guess never say never!!

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