Friday, February 28, 2014

Warming Tomato Soup

Can I tell you how much I love a warm bowl of tomato soup in the winter? Now of course I'm not suggesting you run out and buy some tomatoes and make this - god forbid - the tomatoes out there right now have NO flavor - at this point you must wait until summer when they are ripe and real. My point here is that I pulled this out of my FREEZER - if you don't know by now I'm a bit of a freezer queen and this is always on hand - my usual go to is to re-heat the soup and add a bit of cream and serve with a toasty grilled cheese sandwich. But this night I remembered a bunch of bread cubes that I had frozen (surprise) so I tossed them with some olive oil s&p and a couple slices raw bacon chopped and placed on a small sheet pan and cooked at 375 degrees for about 25 min - turning occasionally just until the bacon was crispy and so were the croutons. I sprinkled this on top of the soup along with a little fresh basil torn up and I'm all warm and cozy from the inside out!

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