Friday, May 23, 2014

Appreciating life!

I am appreciating my life! I know I just posted my "we are so fucking lucky" post but today I'm feeling like I need to repeat that! We just had such great evening and morning that I want to put it down to remember - so bear with me as I wax a bit poetic this morning. Last evening was our little local FFA parade complete with Kwanis club, kids on trucks with hay and dancing horses - oh and politicians. Our friends Kevin and Sarah live on the parade route so they HAVE to have a party every year - and what a lovely party it was. Just a great group of people hanging out on their front yard playing cornhole, sipping wine, eating brats, french onion dip and finally Mexican chocolate cake! Oh and of course watching the parade too! Then this morning we had to go pick up my car (because drinking and driving is not ok) and decided to have breakfast at Downtown Creamery and Bakery. While Richard waited in line to order food I walked over to Flying Goat for my cappuccino, and started chatting with a nice woman Cassie about baking bread (she was doing the same thing - food at the creamery and coffee at the goat)  and got her inspired to try it. Then back at the creamery our other friend Kelly was eating breakfast with us at the big communal table with her kids and her parents so we had a good catch up with her. After that I swung over to the scene of last night's party and voila Sarah had found my "lost" sunglasses! Now to top off and continue this amazing series of moments we are heading out for a day at the pool curtesy of our dear friend/neighbor/client Malin. And next tuesday starts our Music on the Plaza! I'm just so grateful for all our friends - new and old - and want to say thank you to the town we live in for cultivating such a great lifestyle! I'm feeling the love baby - hope you do too!

PS just as a little bonus last night, guess who was hanging out at the party? Charlie Musselwhite - local celeb with his lovely wife - and they adored my cake!

Life is good.
First day at our new home 3 and half years ago!
Post Note - just in case you were tired of my "bragging" -  we just found out our health insurance is doubling next month - so okay, our lives aren't perfect but you must take time to appreciate all the good you do have!
Ice Cream Sandwich
Post Post note - this was the cherry on top of our 2 days - or should I say chocolate chip cookie vanilla ice cream sandwich on top! 


  1. I heard on TV that the average American family would save $2,500 a year because of ObamaCare. How could it go up?

  2. Wow - out of all the amazing things I talked about THAT'S what you comment on?

  3. It was the last thing in your post and remember my mind is starting to go at 70 years old. I am on a pretty strict diet now. That is a beautiful area. I assume that is behind your house.