Friday, October 31, 2014

Giants Checkerboard Cake - World Series Champs Again!!!

Batter UP!
 Well, that title could have gone both ways; especially since I made this cake on one of the nights they lost... but my cake was celebrating the SF GIANTS as they are always the champs in my book!

Anyway, this is my silly cake story. It seems actually fitting as if you've looked below you can see from the pictures that a sort of earthquake hit my cake! Well, maybe not an actual earthquake, but I don't know what really happened because I iced the cake, went out to dinner and when I got home half of it had fallen off. When I walked in and saw it I screamed and scared Richard half to death! Then we "repaired" it by placing the top back on and stabbing a couple skewers in to keep it there - now that was quite a "fault".  That didn't keep us from eating it!
Arrgh - what happened??

Repair Job - aka Loma Prieta Cake Zone

GIANTS World Series Winners 2014!!

Post note - don't even ask how to do this - you have to have special equipment (it was a gift) so don't try this at home! 

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