Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oh how times change!!

Starter on Route to PHX

This last weekend I went back to Phoenix for my 30th (holy shit) high school reunion. I stayed with my BFF Julie and we had a little pre-party at her house on Friday and she asked me to bake my bread. So, with a little trepidation, I loaded up some of my sourdough starter for the flight! I ended up going through the "pre-validated" line at security - or whatever it's called so no one said a peep! I was a bit concerned that they were going to be like "what the hell is in that glass jar" - I had all sorts of responses planned for that one... let's see - a special medical salve? Anyway - slipped right by security and even made a nice fat loaf the next day.

1983 (I think) lunch at McDonalds
Our lovely table at Julie's house - babaganoush, hummus, veggies, bread cheese salami plate and the favorite French Onion Dip. So nice to see all my old friends - who haven't aged a bit! Well, maybe just a bit, but no more than that. 

And yes that is me on the right eating lunch at McDonalds (holy shit)  from our Junior yearbook with Cheryl, Jen and Paige (forgot who that is looking on? Michele?) Yes, McDonalds has passed my lips - quite a bit in those days - just not anytime lately!

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