Thursday, December 11, 2014

Persimmons - who knew?

I used to see these fruits in San Francisco - but had never really ventured into trying them. Now that I've moved up to Sonoma County - they are all over the place and I decided I should venture out and try some - they are so beautiful - I've just been decorating my table with them! I was given a nice looking recipe from another farmer's market seller, Gail of Dry Creek Peach - who actually gave me these persimmons - but it was for a steamed pudding and I didn't have the contraption to do that in - can you believe it?? Then I searched and found a recipe for Persimmon Cake and it was great! These were Hachiya persimmons which are the kind you have to let get mushy - and then you can puree them into a cake. I thought the recipe by David Lebovitz was very good - only adjustments I made were no raisins (yuck) and I reduced the sugar to 1 cup - I did splash a bit of bourbon in the batter - as just because I was skipping the horrible raisin part didn't mean I wanted to miss out on the bourbon! And of course only a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar in the icing. The other is a Pecan Pie  (yes, it has bourbon too) I made for our little post Thanksgiving feast - for two! No we did not eat it all - I shared ; )

Can you believe this Buck we saw the other day out back - nice rack. 

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