Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fondue Night with the Girls

When Richard was out of town I decided to have my Healdsburg Girls over for fondue night - and boy did we have a spread! I baked bread (yes, those big babies!) and everybody brought so much food - I had leftovers for days. And you may wonder - what on earth do you do with leftover fondue - well never fret! The first week I made Potatoes Au Gratin to go with our brisket - oozy cheesy potatoes - yum.

Then last week I made Suppli - which are basically fried balls with leftover risotto and inside I stuffed a slice of cold Romesco Fondue  - it had roasted peppers and almonds with manchego and montery jack - oh yeah. Seriously don't throw out any fondue - it can make your next meal!

Thanks to all my girls for making it a special night! XOXO

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