Thursday, April 16, 2015

Leftovers Re-imagined

Leftovers are really my favorite food. Now, I'm not talking about some gross mush that you brought home from a restaurant - I'm talking about the fact that I always cook for more than 2 people so I'm guaranteed a meal or 2 for the next couple days. Now the real trick is to re-imagine them. Don't just eat the same thing the same way you served it the night before - obviously some things can't be changed but lots of things can. One of the easiest things to change up is a roasted chicken - I can't even count the ways you can re-do it - a really easy one is to then make chicken fajitas - just sauté some onions and peppers and then roll up in a tortilla with salsa and some avocado slices if you have them and voila - new meal! I could go on and on on this front but I want to tell you about the one I did this last week -  I made up a use that I had never even thought of before!
Saturday night I made my Jewish Brisket for my visiting friend Suzanna with some potato latkes (I know, I'm a week late for passover) luckily I had cooked the beef that morning because we went to SpoonBar and imbibed a couple of cocktails before I came home to serve up dinner - the only thing I had to whip up were the latkes.  While warming up the brisket I realized the sauce was a bit liquidy and chunky with tomatoes and just not looking that appetizing. Then I had the brilliant (buzzed) idea to puree the sauce - so I whipped out my hand blender and turned my not so great sauce into a delicious gravy. Now, that was good that night of course but then the next day I decided to turn my leftover brisket and gravy into a pasta sauce - and boy was that a winner! All I did was chop up the brisket and then cook it with the gravy - tossed with some fat paparadelle noodles and no that's not parmesan on top - it's freshly grated horseradish!! I'm telling you it was brilliant. If I do say so myself ; )

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