Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mindful Meats - wonderful Ranch Tour and Dinner

I have a new client - Mindful Meats and their philosophy is to bring local, organic, Non-GMO, pasture raised meats to the markets.  On Monday I got to go along to their Ranch Tour and dinner - and it was amazing.  It was held at the Ranch and home of Joe and Kathy Tresch who have a wonderful dairy providing milk to Straus Creamery and beef to Mindful Meats. First we loaded up into the backs of 4 trucks (complete with hay seats) and drove out to a beautiful spot on their land in Petaluma (about 2100 acres!) - Yes this is where the happy cows are! After a Q&A by Kathy Tresch and MM co-founder Claire Herminjard high on the hill, I was truly impressed. And I hadn't even had dinner yet! That was the real proof in the pudding - so to speak. Below was our menu - I ate everything - including the tongue - which I have to say is not really my thing - but I had a good excuse not to really like it since it had quite a bit of cilantro ; ) Anyway - everything else was amazing! The dry-aged Rib-eyes were so flavorful. Oh, I forgot to mention we had fresh churned butter - everybody helped out with the vintage churner and our end of the table kept passing around bread slices with butter and the homemade prune jam - YUM! Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day and thanks for including me! Now go get yourself some Mindful Meat!

Mindful Meats Tresch Ranch Supper
June 15, 2015

Cheese & Pickles
Mt. Tam and Wagon Wheel, Della Fattoria baguette, pickled fennel, cucumber, and baby carrots, Italian prune jam

Grilled Summer Squash Salad
Heirloom squash, butter lettuce, spiced sunflower seeds, dill, basil, preserved lemon yogurt dressing

Crispy Beef Tongue
Fermented escabeche, grilled corn, cilantro, radishes

Head to Tail Ragu
Beef cheeks, oxtail, Aleppo chili, oracetti, sauerkraut, horseradish crème fraiche

Hardwood Charred Ribeye
Dry-aged 9-year-old retired dairy cow marinated in Rice Koji, lovage salsa verde, broccoli

Chamomile Roasted Apricots
Amaretti, tayberry curd, whipped ricotta, mint

In celebration of our duel purpose girls,
all dairy is from Straus and Cowgirl Creameries.

Chef Danielle Lum
Our table

great information with an amazing view
Happy eating!

Happy Cow

Thank you Alessa for sharing some pictures - I was enjoying myself too much to take any!


  1. Is that the farm where you purchase your meat?

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  3. Lindsay - they mostly sell Wholesale right now - but I've gotten some freebies ; )