Sunday, October 11, 2015

Japanese Month - Learning to make Dashi

I recently took a Dashi making class at Shed with my friend Anne and it was truly eye opening! They are hosting an all Japanese Food month with traditional classes, cookware and ingredients. The closest I've ever come to making Japanese food before this is Tempura! Dashi, I learned is basically a broth - who knew! Sonoko Sakai was our teacher and she and Mamiko Nishiyama were a delight to watch and then even more amazing was getting to try their delicious dishes. I ended up coming home with a bagful of exciting dried ingredients to make my own dashi - and as soon as this heat goes away I'm making miso soup! These are my favorite items though - flavored sesame seeds - how adorable is the packaging!

Starting from the left - Plum, some sort of citrus found in Japan - tastes like lemon and wasabi flavored - I bought some fresh soba noodles at Shed and tossed them with a bit of sesame oil and liberally sprinkled with the seeds - I couldn't decide which flavor was my favorite! Since I don't have any Asian food in Healdsburg I'm making my own dammit. 

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