Monday, November 9, 2015

Yes, I screw things up too!

While getting ready for our monthly Soup night I was all proud of myself for using my 5 day old bread to make little toasts for our cheese course. I got a small bowl of olive oil, added salt and pepper and brushed the slices and put them on a tray in my toaster oven. I hit toast and when the bell went off, looked at them and decided they were not quite toasty enough - so I hit toast again. In the mean time everyone arrived, kisses and drinks ensued and I did not glance back at my toast - until it was too late. Way too late. Oh well, we had crackers - and no use crying over burnt toast. Just wanted to make sure you know - I can make Amazing Swedish Cardamom buns AND burn toast! Nobody is perfect in the kitchen - the point is to get in there and try! xo

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