Thursday, December 24, 2015


Just wanted to say Thanks for all the delicious treats that have been dropped on my doorstep - including  a big box of seafood from my family! And thanks for the carolers who showed up last night too - that was a treat! And if you are lucky enough to live on my street (or live nearby and come over) I made these Swedish Saffron Xmas Buns.

 MERRY Merry Christmas - give the gift of baking for someone - my favorite way of showing my love - xo R

PS. Yes, even the Pixies showed up last week - it's like xmas trick or treating! Love you all!

PPS. Mindy - love the macaroons! 

Forgot to mention - this would make a yummy make ahead xmas dinner Short Ribs with smashed potatoes, carrots and sautéed mushrooms- I just did it a few days early and had our neighbors over for an impromptu pre-holiday dinner.