Friday, January 8, 2016

Collection or Obsession?

When do you cross the line? If it's organized is that a collection? If it looks like the TV show Hoarders then it's an obsession? I'm talking about my recipes. I have an entire wall (and some additional bookshelves upstairs in my office - shhhh!) of Cookbooks! My husband's rule is - one comes in, one goes out.

THE Binder
Then when I was stuck living in Abilene one very depressing Summer I took all my mom's cooking magazines and cut out every single recipe I thought I would like to try making and painstakingly pasted them into this binder (this is way before the internet) and then when I first moved to SF and worked at a shop on Fisherman's wharf I copied by hand a bunch of recipes from their books (yes, I was bored)- Needless to say it's bulging and it needs to be purged as I'm pretty sure I'm never going to make Calvados Souffle!  Although it does contain some classics - like Pesto Potato Salad and Twice Baked Potatoes. And looking through it just now I came across a Chicken Indienne that I used to make and pulled it out to try again. And then there is my Saveur Magazine collection - I have them from way back 1998 - they are the only ones I keep - all other cooking magazines get potential recipes torn out and stored in this - my filing cabinet! 

So, whether you want to call it a collection or obsession - I love siting down and looking through all my "breakfast" options or thumbing through a new cookbook for inspiration - and no, I don't follow my husband's rules. ; 0

And of course this - my ultimate collection - my blog - where I go to all the time and search "chicken" to remind me of my favorites! xo

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