Monday, February 8, 2016

Celebrating with Girlfriends

Sparkling Mead makes everyone happy
Unbelievable tree and fantastic weather!
Yes, I'm officially half a century old. Holy shit that sounds awful. The only thing that made this not as awful as it sounds was spending the weekend on the coast with my dearest girlfriends! Since a prior bday was celebrated in N'Orleans we had our own Mardi Gras night where I made (ahead of time of course) a Chicken and Sausage Gumbo  and my friend Carolyn made a King (Queen) Cake - this is what is pictured above - it was an amazingly tall 4 layer lemon cake with a little baby hidden in one of the green layers - and yes my slice had the baby in it- so I was Queen!

 Next stop was Point Reyes for some sparkling mead at Heidrun Meadery - for those of you who are not familiar with mead -we were not- it is wine fermented out of honey and water - and yes it was worth the hike out there ; ) inside joke.
View from our rental house

So - for your "Sunset Years" I recommend a weekend away with dear friends, good food, great wine, long walks and plenty of time to talk and watch the sunset. Love you all and thanks for being there with me.
sharing a cocktail with friends who've known me forever
Post Note - thank you Ingrid for the great pictures - except the last - that was the bartender's fault - but I love it anyway!


  1. Truly wonderful time celebrating a wonderful friend! Cheers to the next 50!