Thursday, June 2, 2016

FFA Parade and Cake Auction

OK, Healdsburg is adorable. Can I tell you how adorable? Every year the Thursday before Memorial day is the FFA (Future Farmer's of America for those not in the know) Parade in our little town. Everybody lines the streets with their chairs by noon and at 6pm the parade and the wine drinking start.  Half of town is walking in the parade; the other half is sitting and watching - this year I was in the former group! That's right - I'm on the Board of the Healdsburg Farmers Market so I helped proudly carry our sign on the parade route in front of our "float" which was a way cool old truck and trailer. We passed out little hand stamped (by me, my friend Mindy and her 2 adorable girls) sunflower seed packets and waved to the crowds. And then there is the Fair - I've never made it to that part of the event but then Mindy invited me to bake a cake for the auction (ok, coerced) and go with her and the girls on Friday night. Well the theme this year was Beach Party so this is the cake I baked - it was a yellow cake with strawberry jam in the middle and vanilla frosting - on top are Teddy grahams sitting on "beach towels" made out of candy strips and "floating" in the ocean in gummy Lifesavers. About as damn adorable as my town right?! Then they auction off the cakes (I think the $ goes to a scholarship) and mine went for $220! But the real treat was that I won the "Best Decorated Cake" Award! So fun!!
Auctioning my cake

The Award
Mindy's cake was adorable too - and her's went for the highest bid of the night - 350 bucks! So a successful night for all!
Mindy's adorable Sheep Cake
And no, we didn't have any fun during the parade. Not one bit.
And yes - you can see the actual award on the wall now in my office ; ))))


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