Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cooking - always an adventure!

OMG - yes I make PLENTY of mistakes in the kitchen - some correctable, some not. For example I had some skinny asparagus so I decided to make my Asparagus Rice soup a little while ago - but whoops! Turns out what I thought was brown arborio rice was actually Barley - so a new version was born - Barley Asparagus soup - slightly different but still delicious. Note to self - when putting grains in a cute glass container in the cupboard include the label.
Barley or brown arborio rice?

Then a few days later I needed to sauté some onions for something or other and got distracted and walked away from the pan - and hello burned onions! Not recoverable. And what a nice smell that greeted me when I went back downstairs! My friend Rachel was just arriving for our walk and she was like - What? - you burned something?! - YES. No one is perfect in the kitchen. Just some things are less disastrous than others - and really in the scheme of things, what's a little burned onions? As they say, no use crying over spilt milk or burned onions - you gotta just get back on the horse. Ok, sorry enough cliches. Go watch your pot. XO

Nicely burned onions

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