Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tomatoes! Red and Green options

Ok, I don't mean to brag - and if I did it would be on what a great job my hubby has done with our garden because I have tomatoes coming out my ears! It's really hard to tell from this shot - but they are HUGE - the Heirloom type is called Carbon and they are dark red and wonderful - really meaty with a thin skin and great tomato taste. I've been eating them alone and this last week I made a large pot of tomato soup - boy are we going to be in heaven with OUR tomato soup and grilled cheese this winter! Also this weekend I decided a few fried green tomatoes would be a nice change of pace - and they were great along with a few little padrones...And then I saw the little leftover (after canning the rest) jar of my pepper jelly and thought - I bet that would be pretty tasty on one of those tomatoes - and hell yeah it was! This pepper jelly was even more special because I used Piment d'Espelette peppers from Mary and Bert at the Healdsburg Farmer's market - spicy and warm - they are delicious in this! 

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