Sunday, October 23, 2016

Soup Spoon Season is here!

At the beginning of Summer this year I noticed that all of a sudden instead of being out of soup spoons I was suddenly out of salad forks. Well now it's Soup Spoon Season again - and I'm excited! I made this Potato Corn Chowder the other day - the last of this season's corn and I had a few sweet red peppers left so I added them and it was delicious! This picture kind of sucks as I didn't stop to take a one while it was hot - this is the little bit leftover - which I will be warming up today.
A few ripe tomatoes, leftover foccacia and a bit of soup - mixing the seasons!
And since it is the last of the tomato season I also made a few fried green tomatoes - just so the Forks don't get jealous ; 0

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