Thursday, November 24, 2016

Another year, another Thanksgiving tradition

Tastes as good as it smells
Ta Da!
This year I decided to make for the very first time Jen's traditional holiday breakfast - Sausage Bread - I've never actually made it myself - only had it at Jen's house. And it was easy - once I got the details.
 Pre-made frozen dough - believe it or not!

Left on counter overnight to rise - and it did!
I used some of Franco's Italian Sausage and some Pesto Monterey Jack and some Sharp Cheddar - cooked the sausage yesterday and had that ready to go in the fridge with the cheese. Then took the 2 of the dough rolls out of the freezer last night and sprayed the loaf pans and the bread tops with oil , covered and left to rise overnight - and look how perfectly risen they are!
 This morning I got up and rolled them out into oval-ish shapes and baked.
Yes, I'm still in Pj's

YUMMY! I made us a bit of scrambled eggs to go with - but we had SO much leftover! I quickly texted our dear friends Sarah and Kevin - who have a teenage boy who is good at gobbling up - and in return ended up getting a delightful trade for some fresh cranberry sauce and 2 adorable Apple- Pineapple Guava Pies - now that's a good friendship. 

 I think the trading of some baked goods is the start of a good Thanksgiving tradition. Grateful for all my lovely friends out there - near and far - Love you all and wishing you all a happy holiday season!

Original recipe for...

Sausage Bread
2 Frozen bread loaves thawed and allowed to rise in a buttered bread pan (the brand is Bridgford). I also have used Trader Joe's pizza dough or I've made my own pizza dough.

1lb spicy italian sausage (remove from casing and crumble)
1lb mild italian sausage (remove from casing and crumble)
Cook fully, remove from heat and drain off grease
1 to1.5 cups cubed cheddar
1 to 1.5 cups cubed monterey jack
A bunch of parsley chopped
2 eggs beaten

Roll out the dough into an oval. Place the sausage mixture on one half of the dough leaving 1 in at the rim. Fold the dough over the mixture and create a seal (starting at one side twist the dough together to create a pretty edge - or just pull up from the bottom to the top to create a seal). It will look like a big calzone.

Bake on a sheet at 350 oven for 20 minutes, pull out and brush with olive oil and then finish for another 10 minutes or until the bread is nice and brown. 

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