Monday, July 27, 2009

Not so great

Ok - just so you know I fail too - although this is pretty early in the blog to be advertising that I suppose... Anyway I made a Food & Wine recipe tonight "Gnocchi Gratin w/ Pine Nuts & Gorgonzola Dolce" It was baked with a cream sauce with pancetta, radicchio and blue cheese which all sounded great. I used fresh gnocchi from the Pasta Shop and didn't cook it first - but even without cooking it turned to mush. I think that's the most common problem with this type of pasta. I have had very few good experiences with gnocchi. I do think Ristorante Milano does it well, actually all their fresh pastas are amazing - the tonarelli is my favorite!  I'm going to stick to ordering it there or going to Sorrento, Italy (birthplace of gnocchi) 


  1. Rebecca, this is GREAT that you aredoing this. When you are ready and have a little more content I'll post this to MY facebook page as I getslots o traffic.

    xoxoxoxxoxoxo Melissa

  2. Melissa - you have always been so encouraging! Thanks Girl! Rebecca